The Conewago Creek Initiative is a locally-led, collaborative partnership effort in the Conewago Creek watershed in Dauphin, Lebanon, and Lancaster Counties of Pennsylvania.

The Initiative seeks to improve water quality in the Conewago Creek watershed by working with local residents and landowners in the community to increase awareness of and interest in adopting land management practices that will improve water quality of local streams, ensure healthy farms, forests, and communities, and protect and maintain quality of life.

This video shares the progress that has been made and the lessons learned since the start of the Conewago Initiative.


Have you seen our signs yet??

We installed another 2 signs recently, one along Colebrook Rd and another along Harrisburg Pike (rt. 230).  These signs are part of a project to help people recognize what a watershed is and the impact they have on streams, even when they are not directly next to one. We have a couple of signs already installed but are looking for locations to post some more! If you live near the watershed boundary and would be willing to host a sign, please email



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The Conewago Creek Initiative distributes a detailed quarterly newsletter, Conewago Currents, to keep watershed landowners and partners updated on the Initiative.

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