Stormwater Incentives Program

Protecting the environment, especially the watershed you live in, starts in your backyard.

The Conewago Creek Initiative partnered with LandStudies, Inc. to provide tools and resources for backyard conservation. LandStudies’ signature Green Masterplan provided a guide for landowners with ideas on how to manage their property to improve water quality.  Their experts in landscape architecture, water resource engineering and construction management have over 20 years experience designing and installing native plant habitats, restoring degraded streams and implementing cutting edge stormwater best management practices.

As part of the Conewago Creek Initiative, LandStudies offered free Green Masterplans for residents of the watershed.  Services included an initial site visit to gather information and field verify aerial data, preparation of a Green Masterplan, and a native plant and
maintenance guide.  Priority practices identified on the plans were eligible for funding.

This program was able to fund:

  • 20 Green Masterplans
  • 3 Rain Gardens
  • 2 Native Meadows
  • 7 Riparian Buffers
  • 2 Rain Barrel Workshops that distributed 80 barrels to residents

A few photos of some completed projects:






Additional Information: